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  1. 542 Posts #30 • Aug 22, 2018 (Edited) twood71 said: old thread, where do you identify it's a FXR? Is there certain letters in the Vin to look at? Gonna take a look at one guy claims is a FXR but and there is a but, he said it's a 1995 year so that would be a no to it being a FXR correct? The MoCo began producing the FXR in 1982. Before it decided to produce the special CVO-edition FXR2,3 and 4 in '99 and '00, the MoCo stopped producing the FXR model for the general public in 1994. It's been said that the MoCo continued to produce the police model FXRP (Pursuit Glide) in '95, although I've never seen one in person or online. So, if you're new to FXR's or can't tell it's an FXR simply by using the eye test to identify it - specifically recognizing the triangluar frame - then ask for the Vehicle Identification Number, commonly referred to as the "VIN". It's a stamped 17-digit code located on the neck of the frame which consists of numbers and letters which identify the bike as it was made in its stock form - kind of like it's own unique DNA code. Here is a basic (but lengthy) guideline to decipher the code: The 1st digit "1" tells us that the bike was produced in the United States. The 2nd and 3rd digits (letters) "HD" stand for Harley-Davidson. The 4th digit tells us the general size of the engine. "1" represents any engine size more than 900cc. All FXR's came stock with a 1340cc motor whether it be the 1340 Shovelhead motor, which came stock in the FXR for its first two years of production ('82 and '83), or the 1340 Evolution motor which it came stock with from '84 - '94 and then again in '99 and '00. Therefore, all the 4th digit of all FXR VIN's is "1". Furthermore, all US made FXR VIN's begins with "1HD1". The 5th and 6th digits reveal the specific model of the bike. In the case of the FXR, the 5th digit is always an "E" which identifies it as an FXR. The 6th digit then tells the specific model. Here are all the specific FXR models designations: EA = FXR “Super Glide” EB = FXRS FXR “Low Glide Sport” EC = FXRT “Touring” '83 - ‘92 ED = FXRP “Pursuit Glide” Police w/ windshield, '84 – ’94 EE = FXRDG “Disc Glide”, '84 EF = FXRP “Pursuit Glide” Police Fairing, '84 - ’94 EG = FXRS-SP “Low Rider Sport”, '85 -‘93 EH = FXRD “Dresser” with FL style dual exhaust (both sides) ’86 only EJ = FXRC FXR “Custom” '85 - ‘87 EK = FXRP “Pursuit Glide” Police C.H.P. California Highway Patrol EL = FXLR “Low Rider”, '87 – ‘94 EM = FXRS-CONV - “Low Rider Convertible”, '89-‘93 ES = FXR2, “Super Glide” '99 ET = FXR3, “Super Glide” '99 EV = FXR4, “Super Glide” '00 The 7th digit of the VIN tells the specific type of motor that came stock with the bike. in the case of the FXR, the 7th digit of the VIN is either a "K" for Shovelhead motor, or an "L" for 1340 Evolution motor, since all FXR's came stock with a 1340 Shovelhead motor ('82 and '83) or a 1340 Evolution motor (all FXR production years other that '82 and '83). The 8th digit tells the introduction date and is usually a "1" (regular), "2" (January), "3" (CA special) or "4" (Daytona March). The 9th digit of the VIN is called the "check digit". For more info on the "check-digit" go to:http://myvindecoder.com/vin-decoding/check-digit/ The 10th digit of the VIN tells you the year that the bike was made: B = '81,C = ’82, D = ’83, E = ’84, F = ’85, G = ’86, H = ’87, J = ’88, K = ’89, L = ’90, M = ’91, N = ’92, P = ’93, R = ’94, S = ’95, T = ’96, V = ’97, W= ’98, X = ’99, Y = ’00. Therefore, if the 10th digit of the bike is not a "C", "D", "E", "F", "G", "H", "J", "K", "L", "M", "N", "P", "R", "S", "X" or "Y", then it's NOT an FXR. In your specific case, if you can't recognize the bike as an FXR", and in fact if the 10th-digit of the VIN an "S" which would signify a '95, then it MUST be some sort of police model ("Pursuit Glide"), which would be identified by the 5th and 6th digits as either ED, EF or EK. The 11th-digit of the VIN tells where the bike was made. For US models: J= Milwaukee, WI, K= KC, MO, T=Tomahawk, WI, Y=York, PA Finally, VIN digits 12-17 tell the production number of the bike, i.e., what number in order that it rolled off of the specific assembly line.
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